Bastiaan Rainmaker

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Damian R. Broccoli

Name - Bastiaan Rainmaker

Known Alias's - Jeremiah Ravensworth, Dwight Arnold.

Clan - None. Bastiaan is a Mekhet Ghoul.

Apparent Age - 26

Location - North Star Casino, New York City, NY

Information Member of the Family known as the Tribe, Bastiaan has been serving the the Circle for a multitude of decades predominately under the late Gavin Featherson. He now finds himself under the direct guidance of Akuete and Kato Hill, though he has been known to attend gatherings on his own.

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Bastiaan, feel free to post them below here.

  • It is rumored that Bastiaan has had well too many regnents over the years, and that he possibly latches onto specific Kindred to use them for power. Once they have overstepped their boundaries or become inefficient, he has them destroyed before moving onto the next.
  • That Bastiaan has ties with almost every Covenant and keeps those contacts active at all times. Perhaps for selling secrets, or perhaps for gaining as many secrets as he can.
  • Bastiaan is in fact a Vampire, rather than a Ghoul, and has found a way to mask his Aura and visage to appear a ghoul. From this, he controlls the lives and actions of Kindred across the North East for unknown reasons.
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